Ceramic Holder

This artisanal creation, bearing the essence of wabi-sabi, emerges as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

A vessel that seamlessly blends rustic charm with functional elegance, it beckons you to partake in daily rituals of both relaxation and spiritual purification.

Instructions for use:

For Incense:
Take an incense stick and nestle it within the discreet orifice on its flank. As you ignite the incense, let the aromatic tendrils weave their soothing spell.

Harness the essence of incense within your dwelling, for it weaves a tapestry of tranquility and serenity. In your moments of yoga and meditation, let these fragrant wisps guide you to a realm of relaxation and unwavering focus.

For Palo Santo:
Take a piece of sacred palo santo, let it dance with flames, and place it upon the broad bosom of this ceramic sanctuary. Here, you shall savor the sweet elixir of repose, as you cleanse your space of lingering energies.

Palo Santo, the purifier, adeptly sweeps away negative forces, breathing new life into the rooms graced by its presence. Employ it to exorcise the shadows, or invoke its essence during your spiritual odysseys and energy ceremonies.

This hand-fashioned ceramic masterpiece is the quintessential gift, bestowed upon souls who cherish the art of relaxation, meditation, and the allure of aromatherapy. It stands as a testament to the harmonious energies nurtured within one's sacred abode.

Approximate Dimensions:

Diameter: 10.5 cm * 4.5cm

Like all handmade treasures, it bears the soulful marks of its creation — the endearing imperfections, the whimsical dance of air bubbles, the subtle variances across its surface, the enchanting specks of dust that lend it a whispered charm. Embrace these nuances, for they are the poetic brushstrokes that grant it its unique, handcrafted essence. May your heart resonate with the love that birthed these creations, just as ours does.

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