Malibu Summer


The flicker of the flame, ambient light, and warming scent of Malibu Summer will quickly turn your home into an inviting haven from the cold.


Pear is combined with quince which introduces honey sweetness and is surrounded with white freesia and wild climbing rose. A base of the composition is created of green, fresh, and sour nuances of rhubarb along with warm and subtle aromas of patchouli, amber, and white musk that stay in a trail. It's actually a very calming scent all year round.


• Container: Apothecary-inspired amber jar with aluminum lid

• Weight: 7.2 ounces (200g)

• Tall: 3.5 inches (8.6cm)

• Burn Time: 40-hour-burn cotton wick.

• Eco-friendly recyclable packaging

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