Portable Aroma Diffuser


50ml Portable aroma diffuser

Up to 1.5 months of scent life

Introducing our Portable Reed Diffuser Collection, where scents dance like whispers in the wind, captivating your senses with every breath, specially designed to infuse your car or small spaces with enchanting fragrances that transform every journey into a sensory adventure. 

  • Tipsy Moments: Citrus and geranium dance elegantly while jasmine and lemongrass create a harmonious symphony. The intoxicating blend of sandalwood and cedarwood forms the perfect foundation for an unforgettable experience.

    • Top note: Citrus, Geranium
    • Middle note: Jasmine, Lemongrass
    • Base note: Sandalwood, Cedarwood
  • Dim the Light: Lose yourself in the enchanting blend of gardenia and mint under moonlit skies. Lilac and magnolia cast their fragrant spell while jasmine coconut whispers secrets in the night, all wrapped in the embrace of ethereal jasmine.

    • Top note: Gardenia, Mint
    • Middle note: Lilac, Magnolia
    • Base note: Jasmine, Coconut
  • Partner in Crime: Embark on a mischievous journey with citrus and orange blossom, accompanied by geranium and vetiver. Let the tales of midnight rendezvous unfold with gardenia and lily, leaving behind traces of their escapades.

    • Top note: Citrus, Orange Blossom
    • Middle note: Geranium, Vetiver
    • Base note: Gardenia, Lily
  • Wake-up at 3am: Awaken your senses with the seductive allure of peach and lychee, while orange blossom and peach blossom dance in the moon's glow. Let the comforting embrace of oolong tea musk accompany you through the stillness of the night.

    • Top note: Peach, Lychee
    • Middle note: Orange Blossom, Peach Blossom
    • Base note: Oolong Tea
  • White Tee: Experience the freshness of lemon and bergamot, reminiscent of morning sunlight. Green tea and jasmine evoke the crispness of fresh linens, while amber musk whispers of lazy afternoons, envelop you in tranquility.

    • Top note: Lemon, Bergamot
    • Middle note: Green Tea, Jasmine
    • Base note: Amber

    Embrace the allure of each scent, and let Sokach's portable reed diffusers accompany you on your journey through the senses.

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