White Sage Smudge


Negative energy accumulates over time, leaving you drained and depressed. Hanging around negative people or environments can contribute to this. To clear the negative energy, a smudging ritual using sacred white sage is recommended, like a spiritual shower that washes it away.

White sage has been valued for centuries as a sacred, cleansing, and purifying plant used in ceremonial practices. Smudging involves cleansing with smoke from certain herbs, enhancing spiritual connections.

Native American Indian cultures traditionally used smudge sticks for spiritual ceremonies, cleansing negative energies and making way for positive spirits. Burning sage with positive intent can purify your surroundings.

The organically grown sage should be ignited at one end and blown gently until it smolders. It releases negative ions into the atmosphere, neutralizing positive charges

Source: Sustainably harvested from the wild in Southern California.

Size: 10- 11cm

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